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Sunday June 5, 2016


4th Street SW 

Between 13 Ave. & Elbow Dr.

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Food Vendors

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Vendors serving food to attendees of the festival
Price: $650

Corporate Vendors

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Vendors with an existing retail business or numbered company
Price: $550

4th Street Business Vendors

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Those businesses residing within the boundaries of the 4th Street Business Revitalization Zone
Price: $100

Artisan and Non-Profit Organization Vendors

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Home-based artisans creating handmade products made in Canada who do not have an existing retail space OR any not-for-profit organizations (If this does not describe your business, you likely fall under the new Importer/Product Rep category)
Price: $300

Food Truck or Trailer Vendor

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Mobile food trucks and trailers who are self contained receive a 20 x 10 foot space
Price: $1150

Importer and Product Rep Vendor

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A vendor importing goods designed and made outside of Canada intended for sale OR a product representative of an established product line
Price: $400

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