Sunday, May 31st

4th st SW from
13 Ave S. - Elbow Dr.


Volunteer Registration for Lilac Fest 2015 is now open!

Please fill out the feilds below and we will be in touch. 

Interested in helping the Lilac Festival fulfill its fundraising needs??

There are many opportunities to volunteer for a bingo. Come and meet new people and enjoy a delicious lunch on us!

You must be 18 year of age to volunteer at a bingo.

Please contact us for more details.

Here's a quick 3 minute video we made to introduce you to volunteering at Lilac Festival


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Which areas of the 4th Street Lilac Festival you would be interested in volunteering. Detailed descriptions of each position are on the next page or on our website at"
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Were you a volunteer at the 4th Street Lilac Festival in the past?:
If so, what year and what position(s) did you hold:
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Are there any medical conditions and/or food allergies that festival organizers should be aware of?:
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