Sunday June 3rd, 2018


4th Street SW

Between 13 Ave. & Elbow Dr.


Join Us at the Parade!

The 4th Street Lilac Festival kicks off the day with a parade at 10:00 AM. Beginning at 25th Avenue SW along 4th Street and finishing at 13th Avenue SW. Bring the whole family to enjoy an exciting Sunday morning spring parade!

Regulations for Parade Participants at the 4th Street Lilac Festival

Sunday June 3rd 2018 – 10:00am Start Time (9:30am Check In)

1. All applications must be received by Monday May 15th, 2018


2. Application does not guarantee acceptance into the parade. The 4th Street Lilac Festival reserves the right to accept or refuse application to maintain the quality of the parade. You will be officially notified by the 4th Street Lilac Festival if your application for parade participation was accepted


3. There is NO application/registration fee to enter the parade


4. In the unlikely event of bad weather, the parade will go on…rain or shine!


5. This is a family event, any inappropriate behavior such as the use of profanity or unsuitable attire is not permitted.


6. The Parade Coordinator will determine the location of all entries in the line-up.


7. Any entry with children under the age of 12 must have adult supervision at all times.


8. No smoking, alcoholic beverages or drugs are permitted on the parade route.


9. All sound systems either live or recorded must be kept at an acceptable level. The parade coordinator or event organizers may request adjustment of volume at their discretion.


10. If horses or any other type of animal are part of the parade it is the responsibility of the group to clean up after them. *A scooper or drop- bag is required if there are horses.


11. No trash, parts of floats, costumes etc. are to be left behind at the 4th Street Lilac Festival site without authorization. Proper disposal of garbage into the bins provided is required.


12. If entering a float the following guidelines must be adhered to:
i. Maximum height of entry must not exceed 12 feet, width no more than 8 feet and length no more than 35 feet (single vehicle only). Ground clearance should be at least 6 inches. Special arrangements can be made if the size of the float is larger than listed.
ii. There must be at least 4 walkers; two on each side of the float as a safety precaution to keep spectators from going in front of the moving vehicle and assist the driver if required.
iii. All decorations must be fire retardant especially where it is in contact with the exhaust pipe.
iv. An ABC 2.5 lb dry chemical fire extinguisher must be with the float and in proper working condition.
v. The design and operation of the float must be in safe condition.


13. Participants who are driving a vehicle must keep a consistent 5 km/hr speed limit while moving through parade route. The exception will be at the 17th Ave. intersection as regular traffic signals will be enforced. Any participant that encounters mechanical difficulties or other problems which slows the progress of the parade must pull off to the side immediately to allow the parade to proceed.


14. This is a free flowing parade without breaks. Stopping to perform or holding up the parade route is not permitted.


15. Parade entries must be on site at 25th Ave & 4th Street SW by 9:30 am on parade day.


16. Parking a parade vehicle within the parade line-up area is prohibited unless prior approval has been given by the 4th Street Lilac Festival which includes a City of Calgary Permit. Otherwise please use nearby streets for parking.


17. Finalized participants will be provided with additional detailed information regarding parade day 7 days prior to the 4th Street Lilac Festival.


1. Any participant who actively supports, opposes or depicts any religious, political or social issues that in the opinion of parade coordinator, event organizers, site managers, security or Calgary Police Service do not meet the objectives of the 4th Street Lilac Festival Parade, will be removed. The only exception will be political entries who are current elected officials.


2. The parade coordinator, event organizers, site managers, security and Calgary Police Service may reject any entry on parade day that does not meet the regulations outlined above.


Thank you for your application!
For further information contact or #403-930-7802